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 Do, 26. Mär. 2020   Andrea Werry

Registration for IN-EAST courses now required for summer term

Dear students, as the current situation confronts us all with unfamiliar challenges, it was decided to use online course registration via LSF for all IN-EAST courses in the upcoming summer term. This means that you have to...
 Di, 21. Jan. 2020   Andrea Werry

Markus Taube ist Direktor des In-East

Ab 1. Oktober 2019 hat das IN-EAST ein neues Direktorium: Markus Taube ist Direktor, Nele Noesselt ist stellvertretende Direktorin des IN-EAST (Amtszeit: 2 Jahre)
 Di, 12. Nov. 2019   Andrea Werry

New Publication of Shuanping Dai and Markus Taube

(Eds.): China's Quest for Innovation. Institutions and Ecosystems. Routledge: London 2020. After more than three years work, this book finally is published (as E-book), and will be printed out in three weeks. More information:...
 Di, 17. Sep. 2019   Andrea Werry

How China's Silk Road Initiative is Changing the Global Economic Landscape

Edited by Yuan Li, Markus Taube
 Mi, 31. Jul. 2019   Andrea Werry

"Ohne uns würde Hongkong nicht überleben"

Ein Artikel auf dw.com vom 30.07.2019 mit Kommentaren von Prof. Heberer und Prof. Taube
 Do, 23. Mai. 2019   Andrea Werry

Studiotalk zur Neuen Seidenstraße bei Phoenix TV

Wo liegen die Chancen und Risiken der Neuen Seidenstraße? Diese Frage erörterten Nele Noesselt und Markus Taube vom IN-EAST der Universität Duisburg-Essen als Studiogäste des Nachrichten- und Dokumentationssenders Phoenix TV...
 Mo, 25. Mär. 2019

Markus Taube als Experte im Deutschen Bundestag

Markus Taube hat am 20.März 2019 als Experte an einer Anhörung des Deutschen Bundestages zur Novellierung des deutschen Investitionsschutzregimes mitgewirkt. Der Lehrstuhl Ostasienwirtschaft / China analysiert seit Jahren die...
 Do, 04. Okt. 2018

Der Masterplan „made in China 2025“

Interview mit der Zeitschrift ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS
 Di, 24. Jul. 2018

China und der Welthandel

Interview mit BR alpha
 Fr, 13. Apr. 2018

6. Duisburg-Frankfurt Workshop „Institutionen in der Entwicklung Ostasiens“

Die drei großen Volkswirtschaften Ostasiens (China, Japan, Korea) zeichnen sich seit nunmehr fast einem dreiviertel Jahrhundert durch ihre idiosynkratischen Strukturen und Entwicklungsmuster aus. Ausgehend von ihren jeweiligen...
 Mi, 07. Feb. 2018   Andrea Werry

Video CEC Conference 2017

Das Institut für Ostasienwissenschaften (IN-EAST) organisierte ein wissenschaftliches Forum zum Thema „New Silk Road“, welches am Campus Duisburg der Universität Duisburg-Essen stattfand.
 Mo, 10. Jul. 2017   Andrea Werry

Tianjin Forum 2017

This year the Tianjin Forum 2017 has been held under the motto of "Innovation and Cooperation" on July 7-8 in Tianjin, PR China. The IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies participated in the two-day international conference on the...

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Research associates

The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) offers four positions for international research associates in different research areas of contemporary China: Foreign and Security Policy; Society and Domestic Politics; Economy and Economic Policy; European China Policy.

Suitable candidates have a keen interest in nuanced, policy-oriented research on China, providing insights to the broader public and informing decision-makers in politics, business and society. They are looking for dedicated applicants with outstanding analytical skills and the ability to clearly communicate complex matters to different audiences. Candidates need to be able to familiarize themselves with new topics quickly. A high degree of flexibility as well as a strong capacity for team work are prerequisites for working at MERICS. They offer excellent research conditions and a very stimulating working atmosphere in a dynamic multi-disciplinary team. If your qualifications satisfy these criteria they are looking forward to your application. It should include a Letter of Motivation, Curriculum Vitae, indication of salary expectations and your earliest possible starting date. Please send your application in one single PDF-document of max. 15 pages until 31 March 2016 to Sabine Mokry (sabine.mokry@merics.de). For more information on the respective application criteria for each position, see: www.merics.org/en/team/jobs/open-positions.html MERICS is a research and analysis institute based in Berlin and established in 2013. It is one of the largest international think tanks for policy-oriented research into and knowledge of contemporary China.

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