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 Thu, 26. Mar. 2020

Registration for IN-EAST courses now required for summer term

Dear students,

as the current situation confronts us all with unfamiliar challenges, it was decided to use online course registration via LSF for all IN-EAST courses in the upcoming summer term. This means that you have to register online for every IN-EAST course you want to take.

This way, instructors have a better grasp of who is participating and can contact you easily. Because we can at this point only assume that  for the time being we won’t be able to hold normal classes requiring attendance after April 20, many, if not all, course sessions will likely take place online. With registration, instructors will be able to contact you before the course start and share details like the Moodle room password or other online tools they use.

Important: The course registration via LSF does not replace the exam registration!

Application periods:

Registration from March 30 to April 8, 2020

Deregistration from April 9 to July 17, 2020 (end of lecture period)

To register for a course, search for the course on LSF and register/apply for registration there within the time period indicated above.

In case you are not completely sure yet which AEAS and E-modules to take, you can register for additional ones and then deregister as soon as you have made your final choice. Please understand that instructors expect students to actively participate and fulfill assignments, so make sure to deregister as soon as possible if you decide to drop a course.

Stay safe!