Mo, 10. Jul. 2017   Andrea Werry

Tianjin Forum 2017

This year the Tianjin Forum 2017 has been held under the motto of "Innovation and Cooperation" on July 7-8 in Tianjin, PR China. The IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies participated in the two-day international conference on the latest developments in innovation, new forms of mobility and smart city development with a delegation comprising Professors Dai Shuanping, Dieter Schramm, Markus Taube as well as Post Doc Mira Schüller. Dai presented at the conference his latest work on the "Emergence of New Products and Agile Innovation in an Emerging Economy: Evidence from the Low-speed Electric Vehicle Industry in Shandong Province, China". Schramm gave insights in "Current and future trends in automotive development with a special focus on EMobility and Autonomous Driving", while Taube titled his contribution to the discussions "Smarter Industries, Smarter Mobility, Smarter Cities - Reflections on the Dynamics and Hazards of Co-evolution". Nankai University, Tianjin has in recent years become an important cooperation partner for the Advanced School. The research interests of both partners converge on the study of innovation in new forms of mobility as well as the evolution of smart city structures.