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 Do, 29. Jun. 2017   Andrea Werry

Auszeichnung am Dies Academicus 2017

Wir freuen uns, unserem ehemaligen Lehrstuhl-Mitarbeiter, Dr. Martin Heinberg, zu der Auszeichnung und Ehrung durch den Rektor, Prof. Radtke, am diesjährigen Dies Academicus für seine hervorragende Promotion gratulieren zu können.
 Fr, 02. Jun. 2017   Andrea Werry

Chinesische Unternehmensbeiligungen in Deutschland

Prof. Taube zur Einschätzung der Bedeutung und Gefahren chinesischer Unternehmesbeteiligungen in Deutschland vor dem Hintergrund einer zunehmenden Zahl derartiger M & A Transaktionen und erheblicher Steuerungsmaßnahmen der...
 Mi, 31. Mai. 2017   Andrea Werry

Markus Taube berät das BMBF zur VR China

Markus Taube ist in die Expertengruppe der Deutsch-Chinesischen Plattform Innovation des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) berufen worden. Das Gremium berät das Ministerium bei der Gestaltung der...
 Mi, 31. Mai. 2017   Andrea Werry

Markus Taube Honored Professor in Wuhan

Die School of Economics der Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, VR China, hat Markus Taube den Titel eines Honored Professor (Mai 2017 - Mai 2020) verliehen. Die Mercator School of Management und das Institut für...
 Mi, 31. Mai. 2017   Andrea Werry

Markus Taube Gastprofessor der Jilin Universität

UDE Professor Markus Taube ist seitens der Economics School der Jilin University, Changchun, VR China, zum Gastprofessor (Mai 2017 - Mai 2022) ernannt worden. Die Ökonomen der Jilin University und der Mercator School of Management...
 Mi, 22. Feb. 2017   Andrea Werry

Markus Taube has been elected President of the Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA)

For the coming three years he will head the association and promote its role as a platform for scholarly exchange on economic and management issues arising in the interaction between Asian and European businesses. Annual...

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Job offer

Research associates

The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) offers four positions for international research associates in different research areas of contemporary China: Foreign and Security Policy; Society and Domestic Politics; Economy and Economic Policy; European China Policy.

Suitable candidates have a keen interest in nuanced, policy-oriented research on China, providing insights to the broader public and informing decision-makers in politics, business and society. They are looking for dedicated applicants with outstanding analytical skills and the ability to clearly communicate complex matters to different audiences. Candidates need to be able to familiarize themselves with new topics quickly. A high degree of flexibility as well as a strong capacity for team work are prerequisites for working at MERICS. They offer excellent research conditions and a very stimulating working atmosphere in a dynamic multi-disciplinary team. If your qualifications satisfy these criteria they are looking forward to your application. It should include a Letter of Motivation, Curriculum Vitae, indication of salary expectations and your earliest possible starting date. Please send your application in one single PDF-document of max. 15 pages until 31 March 2016 to Sabine Mokry (sabine.mokry@merics.de). For more information on the respective application criteria for each position, see: www.merics.org/en/team/jobs/open-positions.html MERICS is a research and analysis institute based in Berlin and established in 2013. It is one of the largest international think tanks for policy-oriented research into and knowledge of contemporary China.

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